Hospital Financial Consulting

The Hospital Based Dialysis Provider:

How Does HDS assist Hospital Based Dialysis Programs?

Healthcare Design Specialists (HDS) is an international renal care management consulting service company offering the renal industry extensive knowledge and expertise.   HDS does not own dialysis facilities, and is therefore an objective consulting resource for hospital-based dialysis programs.   Let HDS position you, the hospital-based dialysis facility as a cost effective, long term viable, quality dialysis provider in your market.   HDS specializes in providing the tools and resources necessary for the hospital-based providers to achieve these goals.

The survival of hospital owned dialysis programs may prove to be difficult in the coming years.  Yet, there is a place for the innovative, patient-responsive organization.  As a hospital prepares to respond to the challenges of the future, it must understand the opportunities and threats facing its renal program and be positioned to respond proactively rather than reactively.  In addition to effective cost management, it must be able to capture all charges, accurately calculate expected net revenue, and turn around accounts receivables timely.   Therefore, to ensure the long-term financial viability of its renal program, a hospital based dialysis program must implement systems whereby revenues and costs are clearly understood on a real time basis, and managed accordingly.

  • Enhance operational efficiencies
  • Identify financial strategies necessary to improve the financial performance of the outpatient dialysis program
  • Define the “renal product line” as an integrated renal disease management program to improve operational efficiencies across service lines (outpatient and inpatient) and reduce cost associated with inpatient care.


Dialysis program overview

The initial engagement with most hospitals is a “Program Overview”.  We analyze defined aspects of your program and compare the financial performance to that of the national, state, regional or local dialysis community.  We assist the hospital gain a clear picture of  true contribution as a basis for a planning process.

Financial Management Oversight

To support this process, HDS works with hospital administration to establish a financial “dashboard” for the outpatient dialysis facility. HDS will assist client in the following:

  • Compare the performance of the dialysis unit to industry standards (obtained from a database of over 3400 freestanding outpatient dialysis facilities).
  • Prepare monthly Cost Per Treatment (CPT) scorecards for each renal service unit (hemodialysis and peritoneal) from which monthly, quarterly and annual Cost Per Treatment (CPT) reports are generated
  • Prepare and report variable (labor, medical supplies, equipment maintenance and repair, and ESRD drug usage) and total cost per treatment expenses monthly from which client specific benchmarks can be identified and compared to industry data;
  • Prepare and report productivity measures for direct patient care labor (worked hours per treatment) for each renal service unit;
  • Conduct a medical supply usage per treatment analysis from which a benchmark for medical supply cost per treatment is determined and updated annually for each service line
  • Define financial improvement  initiatives based on the analysis of the data tracked in the cost per treatment  scorecards generated for each renal service unit.

Business valuation

What is the true value of your program in today’s dollars, compared to what a large dialysis company may offer you?     HDS is experienced in the valuation of dialysis programs and providing insight into the appropriate valuation methodology based on a local market factors.

We welcome any inquiries, and offer a free telephone consultation. If you desire a conference call or proposal tailored to your individual needs, please call 1-800-800-3642, e-mail us at .   We are happy to share a comprehensive list of hospital-based references.

We look forward to the opportunity of supporting your program as we have with many other hospital-based providers.

Cost per Treatment Management

Each year, HDS gathers and develops a database of the cost reports from all dialysis facilities in the county.   This allow us to analyze and utilize industry averages for variables such as labor and supply cost per treatment, hours per treatment, staff mix, average hourly rate, average number of dialyzer reuses, average costs per treatment for overhead components, and other indicators.   HDS can compare your facility to national, state and local facilities to help you establish reasonable goals for cost effective delivery of dialysis services.

Facility or Satellite Startup Services

Our dialysis facility financial pro-forma will provide you a detailed feasibility of a potential new facility as well as the impact of operational changes within your existing dialysis program, i.e. change in staffing patterns, adding additional stations versus increasing number of shifts.