Dialysis Facility Feasibility and Startup

If you are wired for having a majority or total ownership in your dialysis business, let HDS compliment your management team with tools and resources to assist with the development of your facility and business infrastructure.  HDS has the tools and resources to assist Client during the startup phase in the opening of an outpatient dialysis program including home peritoneal and home hemodialysis.   HDS can tailor a proposal with one, all, or a combination of the following services:

New or Satellite Facility Feasibility

HDS utilizes a comprehensive financial pro-forma as a financial tool, which considers virtually every possible input variable and calculates month by month profitability and cash flow, as well as annual summaries over a five-year period. The pro-forma calculates the initial investment, any financing needed (working capital), and helps you determine the payback period for your investment. HDS also will assist you in determinng the necessary size of the facility based on projected census, historical growth rates, and the number of stations required.

Business Plan

Any new business venture should include a business plan for articulating the “story” of the business (description, history, industry, competition, risks, potentials, proforma, etc.). Potential lenders will require a business plan. A strong, well written business plan will allow the business owner to obtain better financing terms, and could save thousands of dollars in financing.

Facility Design Input

We are not architects, but as 30 year operational veterans and having set foot in literally hundreds of dialysis facilities, we are often asked to “look over the shoulder” of a client’s architect and provide input on the design.

Policy and Procedure Manual Templates

HDS has developed templates for the various administrative, clinical, and technical manuals required for Medicare certification to include:

  • Nursing Policy and Procedure
  • Patient Care Manual
  • Infection Control
  • Personnel
  • Job Descriptions
  • Technical Manual
  • Inventory Policies and Procedures
  • Hazardous Communication Manual
  • MSDS Manual
  • Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement Program
  • Emergency Policies and Procedures