The Affordable Care Act establishes Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) as a new category of provider within the Medicare program, creating the potential of paying for care in new ways that reward clinicians for improved patient care while reducing health care costs on a broad scale. A number of healthcare providers and systems across the country are already developing accountable, coordinated care models, and implementing new payment models that reward better care.

Since 1994 members of HDS have assisted organizations in the development and implementation of renal disease management programs. Carrie McGinnis, CEO of HDS, was the primary author of one of the 14 applicants submitted for the 1994 Mandated Health Care Finance Administration (HCFA) ESRD Managed Care Demonstration and in 2006 assisted a major dialysis company in the submission of its’ Operational Protocols and Processes Manual for participation in the CMS Demonstration Project, Management for High Cost Beneficiaries.

In 2013 HDS assisted the Franciscan Alliance in Indianapolis, Indiana in the implementation of a renal disease management component of its’ Pioneer ACO. The scope of this project included developing policies and procedures in the management of patients with ESRD and CKD and creating a “playbook” specific to the Franciscan Alliance Renal Continuing Care Network.